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Strategic Communications

Independent, objective and responsive advice at the most critical times 


Lewis Advisors provides strategic communications advice to businesses and organisations.

This is an offering based on the team's deep knowledge of business, finance and politics and how they interrelate.

We are a bespoke advisory business, which is owned entirely by its founders. This allows the firm to provide independent, objective and responsive advice at the most critical times for businesses and organisations, when this support is most needed.

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Our proposition

Our Approach

Lewis Advisors draws on the team’s deep knowledge of business, finance, and politics and how they interrelate. In these uncertain times, it is crucial that an advisory firm is able to take a comprehensive view on how a business decision will impact all key stakeholders.


Experience of working with and for major global businesses, including FTSE 100, S&P 500 companies and the world’s largest private companies


Draw on expert market insight, with experience at the most successful and influential financial institutions in the world


Navigated through the highest levels of politics, with experience of operating at the heart of UK Government and in Brussels

Our Values


The firm is owned entirely by the partners which means that it will provide completely independent advice and insights.


We are a boutique firm, led by the founding partners, who will always be available to provide immediate and impactful advice at the most critical times for our clients.


The partners are committed to building a long term and sustainable business, with a focus on maintaining client trust over many years through objective and impartial advice.

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Our Experience

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